Home Energy Management Takes Off: Interest High for Devices and Applications to Monitor Energy Use.

While the market for home energy management devices is growing at a rapid pace, there are still some hurdles to be overcome before it becomes a mature, stable retail environment. Fragmentation of Regulations One of the problems facing consumers is the fragmentation of regulations governing these devices and their applications. Called EIDs, for energy information […]

Create an Inviting Porch

Updating your porch is a great addition to your curb appeal. Aside from landscape and beautiful blooms, making your porch cozy and inviting is a must. There’s nothing quite like a cozy and inviting front porch to crank up your home’s curb appeal and entice visitors to want to stay for a while. But if […]

Know more about Faucets

The Four Types of Home Faucet Valves Identifying your faucet type is an essential first step before any repair. This tutorial will give you an overview of the four most common types of faucets used in the home: Ball Disc Cartridge Compression The first three (ball, disc and cartridge) are all types of “washerless faucets” […]

This Is How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is a vital part of your home, and its role in facilitating your family’s daily operations cannot be underestimated. Also, you begin and end your cooking processes in the sink hence keeping it clean is an essential duty. That is why this post seeks to furnish you with insights on how to […]

Beautiful Bathroom Ideas You Ought to Know

Bathroom, also known as lavatory has a lot of activities that takes place in it. These may include comfort, work, relaxation, washing, and storage among others. In fact, it is an area whereby not just bathing takes place but also other activities happen there. It is therefore good to have your lavatory designed very well […]

How to Organize Closets

When it comes to closets, most people think out of sight, out of mind. It’s easy to shut the door and forget about the mess looming inside. However, there are simple ways to get a handle on the clutter and maintain and organized space. Getting rid of everything you don’t need to store and maximizing […]