Checklist Landscape Maintenance

After you have had your landscape installed you need to keep it in shape as well otherwise, it will lose its aesthetic appeal. You do not always have to hire a gardener to keep your landscape in top shape you can do it by yourself. Here are a few things you need to do in […]

Get your Garden Ready for this Spring Season

A lot goes into setting a garden up for a successful growing season. You have pick a spot that has all the essential elements for prosperous plants. The location needs to receive at least six hours of sunlight per day. Plus, there must be access to water and sufficient drainage in case of overflow. Most […]

How to Sustain Your Garden with Rainwater

While many people claim to hate the rain, others will tell you that rain is a good thing. It waters gardens and crops, keeps the lawn soft and green, and cools off the Earth. By harvesting rainwater, you can capture these efficient effects of a good rain, even when it’s not falling from the sky. […]

How to Start a Composting a Pile Naturally

WHAT IS NATURAL COMPOSTING? Compost is organic matter, usually leaves and vegetable waste that has been left to decay and decompose. The process of creating compost is called composting. Composting is a good way of getting rid of organic waste; the composted matter can be used as fertilizer. There are two main ways of composting; […]