Checklist Landscape Maintenance

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After you have had your landscape installed you need to keep it in shape as well otherwise, it will lose its aesthetic appeal. You do not always have to hire a gardener to keep your landscape in top shape you can do it by yourself. Here are a few things you need to do in the maintenance process.


Most landscapes go through the weeding phase. The first thing you should do is to ensure that your plants are not getting unfair competition from weeds. This can cause the plants to have a very unhealthy look. Remove all weeds before they take over the plant and flower beds.


Plants that have been planted to beautify your landscape can be counteractive if they grow beyond the bed and into the lawn or pathways. Pruning will ensure that you get the beauty back, the plants get enough sunlight and you will not be stepping on your flowers.

Pests and diseases

There is nothing more disturbing than a disease and pest infested landscape. This is the part that you need to pay particular attention to. Do not let your landscape be filled with pest and diseases you can go to your local store and buy organic pesticides or you can choose to battle them biologically by planting companion plants that discourage pests and diseases.


No landscape is complete if there is no constant water supply. You lawn need to be kept green throughout the year so make sure they are constantly watered. To reduce water usage, you can mulch the plants or change the irrigation system to drip where applicable.


If you have ornaments, make sure that they are still in good shape. In the case of cracks you can repair, and if not you can opt for a replacement.