Carpet Buying Guide

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Buying a carpet can be a daunting task especially if have no idea what you are looking for. There are things you have to put into consideration such the maintenance requirements, the fiber it is made of and the feel of it. Here are a few carpet-buying tips for you.

Assess the cost

You have already decided on the budget you are willing to spend to get that new carpet. While you are out shopping check the price tag and avoid overspending. This will ultimately help you zero down to what you are looking for. Make sure that the money intended for the carpet is not the exact estimate for you will need to buy extra meters for the irregular shapes of you floor such as the stares.


There are numerous of carpet in the market, but the quality differs. Make sure the carpet is made from durable material. A simple touch can tell you a lot about the carpet. Denser materials are known to be more resilient.

Know the carpet materials

Polyester: Hardly used on its own in making carpets. Polyester is usually mixed with other materials. Stains are not a problem with this material, and it is highly durable.

Polypropylene: As much as it is easy to clean as well as being stain resistant, polypropylene highly flammable if compared to other materials.

Woolen carpet: Made from natural fibers thus expensive. Though you can get wool mixed with other materials, the best is 100% wool. It has insulation effect, so you conserve energy regarding heat loss

Nylon: Best known for its ability to resist stains, this is the best for you home especially if you have kids. The added advantage is that nylon can be manipulated to produce different shades of colors